Medical evidence shows that walking in groups is good for you

Research published this month in the British Medical Journal confirms what we who are already walking , at Nordic Walking North East Essex, already know, that walking in groups is good for you. Results from the systematic review and meta- analysis of studies carried out by the Norwich Medical School and the University of East Anglia concluded that;

    “ regular walking, as a group significantly improves cardiovascular risk factors as well as physical functioning and mental health”

The researchers analysed 42 studies measuring the health effects of a total of 1842 participants, which included people with heart disease, type 2 diabetes , Parkinson’s disease and those with no diagnosed health conditions. In total these ‘participant walkers’ notched up 70,000 hours of group walking. In research study terms this makes this a significant piece of work, which many newspapers picked up on last week. The researchers said:

   “Outdoor walking groups have wide ranging health benefits, including reducing blood pressure, body fat, total cholesterol, and risk of depression”.

They go on to say that their findings are further evidence that health professionals can recommend this sort of activity as an option to those people who would benefit from increasing the amount of “moderate intensity exercise they do”.

I think what we can take from this article is that this research is significant and that those of you who are walking regularly are benefitting your health on many levels and please take some pride in this because recent figures show that 29% of adults in England take less than 30 minutes of ‘moderate activity’ (that’s activity that raises your pulse rate and makes you slightly warm) each week and importantly that you  are enjoying Nordic Walking as you keep on coming back.

If you aren’t walking or even Nordic Walking there is not time like the present to start and you have so much to gain.


Cited from BMJ 2015:350:h330 Published 21 January 2015