Work with me to experience better health and wellbeing using your own personal exercise plan. Your plan can include Pilates and Nordic Walking or other forms of exercise such as a daily walking programme. If you have a medical condition or simply want to get fitter away from the gym environment then keep reading.  I am a well qualified and experienced Exercise Instructor who is also a Registered Nurse. I understand all the pitfalls that come with keeping up the motivation to regularly exercise and follow a weight loss diet. I can help you with these by offering:

  • A rounded health and exercise programme that will fit with your personal goals and needs
  • Nordic Walking groups to join in the Colchester and Tendring area.  These are sociable and fun too
  • Individual and group Pilates lessons to improve core strength, flexibility  and posture
  • The Wellness Check – an “MOT’ like  check  for your cardiovascular health plus!

My approach is always personal, caring and hopefully fun too . Please contact me for further information.